Corporate Culture

Core Values

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TMT Group’s sense of purpose stems from what we believe and what we value. Our core values are defined by knowing who we are and why we’re here, but most importantly, who we serve.


TMT Group believes that having a clear perception of who you are, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions allows you to understand other people, and how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment. Our continued self assessment and internal review of who we are and what we stand for happens every day. Before we can build trust based relationships with others, we must know our own identity and what separates us from anyone else.

Ethical Behavior

TMT Group believes acting ethically means doing the right thing in any given situation. We believe ethical behavior follows moral principles like honesty, fairness, equality, and respecting the dignity, diversity, and rights of other people. Everything we do is a choice, so ethical behavior is always choosing the right thing to do no matter what the context is.

Honest Relationships

All successful small businesses – regardless of industry – have one thing in common: strong relationships. Businesses too often get caught up in the details of their products or services to notice how critical it is to build relationships with your customers, vendors, employees, and even your competitors. Without strong relationships, it is impossible to have success as a small business. At TMT Group, open and transparent relationships are just the beginning; maintaining them with integrity, loyalty, and honest dialogue sustains them.


The word loyalty carries a powerful sense of belonging and solidarity. At TMT Group, it comes with the idea of wholehearted fidelity coupled with unswerving devotion and duty. TMT Group believes the concept of loyalty is purely relational, meaning our whole being is thoroughly committed to those we serve and at every level.


One of the most elusive concepts in business is accountability. At TMT Group, accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions within the scope of a role or position, encompassing the obligation to report, and be answerable for resulting consequences. We believe that when goals and objectives are understood, benchmarks are set, feedback is provided, evaluations are accomplished and success is celebrated, you’ve created an environment for accountability. At TMT Group, everyone is accountable, regardless of position and or role.

Guiding Principles

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TMT Group’s corporate culture is the set of beliefs that the founder knew needed to be established to build an organization that maintains its core values and reflects its influences in every area of business. Our corporate culture is defined by four guiding principles:

Clear Mission

TMT Group’s mission is to know what we do best, understand what our customers need and provide solutions through responsive leadership, innovation, results oriented performance, and on-time delivery of excellent services to our customers’ satisfaction.

Trust and Respect

TMT Group is committed to forging relationships built on trust, believing that our word is our bond and that once we give it, then we must honor it, even if it cost us personally. Establishing a corporate culture on the cornerstone of trust enables everyone to know what the standards are and the expectation for doing business. Our trust is built on the core values of integrity, honor, commitment, and respect. TMT Group respects the specialized knowledge of our team, working closely with each other to be of service to our customers. Our culture reflects our belief that we must be loyal to each other, and to the customers we serve. We commit to seeking the well being and best interest for each other, to deal with each other and our customers in fairness and honesty, and to invest our time and personal commitment to excellence. Personal responsibility and accountability are our watch words and they create an environment that fosters professional judgment that is anchored by our highest values.

Solid Communication

TMT Group knows that a common thread found in companies with strong organizational cultures is solid communication. TMT Group practices this at every level from its executives to our employees, we create an open and transparent environment that encourages everyone as a stakeholder to share ideas, quickly resolve issues and concerns and seek opportunities to strengthen lines of communication between each other and our customers. TMT Group focuses on empowerment by giving employees more autonomy and latitude to come up with ideas, own responsibility and take on tasks. Our team-driven work approach gives our people a voice by encouraging them to step forward with ideas for new products and processes. We engage each other in conversation, elicit input in decision-making, and foster safe environments in which brainstorming and creative thinking are the norm.

Superior Performance

TMT Group believes that superior performance begins with understanding our clients’ complete needs from their biggest picture to their smallest details and the urgency for getting excellent results. One of TMT Groups’ greatest strengths is its ability to quickly understand our customers’ needs and determining the best approach to meeting them in a responsive manner. Our ability to analyze the environmental factors, assimilate data and information, construct solutions, evaluate risk, and deliver success quickly is a hallmark driven by our leadership and all of our employees. We bet our reputation on it every day!

Diversity and Inclusion

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TMT Group draws on the wisdom of a workforce that reflects the population we serve and we are better able to understand and meet the needs of our customers. Corporate-wide, we have made important progress toward hiring a workforce that truly reflects America’s diversity, and we will continue to pursue that goal. But merely hiring a diverse workforce is not enough; we make our workplace more inclusive as well. TMT Group was founded on the ideal that from many, we are one, a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. That is the rationale for inclusion. To gain the maximum benefit from our increasingly diverse workforce, we work to make every employee feel welcome and motivated to work their hardest and rise through the ranks. We demonstrate that we work better together because of our differences, not despite them.

When we tap this knowledge, when employees are trained in team building, decision making, problem solving, and conflict resolution, we not only uphold the principles of our company, we get better results. The business case for inclusion is clear in our history. The best, brightest, hardest workers have come to TMT Group for over 10 years because they knew they would have an opportunity to join our team, work hard, and succeed. TMT Group’s leadership culture and best practices to recruit, hire, include, develop, retain, engage and motivate a diverse, results-oriented, high-performing workforce demonstrates our commitment.

We strongly believe that a diverse workforce in an inclusive environment improves individual and organizational performance and results in better value to our customers and the American people.