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2204 Whitesburg SW, Suite 220, Huntsville, AL. 35801
2204 Whitesburg SW, Suite 220, Huntsville, AL. 35801

Technical Solutions

TMT Group’s program managers and engineers are adept in providing an interdisciplinary approach to complex projects and systems over the complete life of a program. Our disciplined approach seeks to understand the problem prior to solving it using thorough requirements derivation and documentation. In addition to requirements management, our team systematically focuses on the total ecosystem as it relates to program success by ensuring all disciplines communicate and seamlessly execute from concept to completion.

1. Software Test and Configuration Management

TMT Group conducts software testing and configuration management by establishing, maintaining, and managing the consistency of a product’s performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements and design and operational information throughout its lifecycle. TMT Group’s software engineers design, develop, and maintain software systems that satisfy all customer and stakeholder requirements. Our experience covers all phases of the software development life cycle including designing, developing, integrating, testing, and maintaining software systems. We use the latest tools, models, programming languages, and analysis techniques to produce required documentation, artifacts, and optimal solutions. Additionally, we provide strong software engineering management through efficient planning, coordinating, measuring, monitoring, controlling, and performance reporting to ensure disciplined and effective solutions.

2. Grant and Cooperative Agreement Process Management

Not all procurements are equal; sometimes the federal government needs flexible instruments to execute programs. Essentially, a contract is a legally binding document in which the parties make promises to deliver a product or service. A grant on the other hand is when one party grants funds to another party to do something, in reasonable hopes that the task can be accomplished. Usually grants and cooperative agreements are used by the government for funding research with academic institutions and non-profits where the risk to accomplishment is typically higher than an assurance of delivering a product or service. This usually eliminates for-profit businesses from using those instruments. Understanding how grants and cooperative agreements work for small businesses requires the knowledge of how federal acquisition regulations affect for-profit businesses differently than contracting. TMT Group understands those difference and has developed processes to allow for-profit business to obtain grants and cooperative agreements as an alternative to contracting.

3. Program Evaluation

TMT Group’s program assessment/evaluation capability consists of technical experts that help our clients develop and execute well defined and reliable program evaluation efforts to measure program efficacy and desired outcomes/metrics. We begin with understanding our clients’ needs by conducting a needs assessment and reviewing their program theory of action that lays out the overall programs goal and objectives. We conduct a descriptive program portfolio review that may include policies, processes, procedures and program metrics. This allows us to shape the best plan of action to deliver a sustainable program assessment capability and enhance our client’s program vitality.

4. University Partnerships and Centers of Excellence

TMT Group has worked for nearly two decades to establish/expand strategic relationships with internal and external key stakeholders at diverse colleges and universities. Our focus has been on creating long term commitments to enhance partnering and collaboration with DoD, industry and academia. We look to broaden the use of open campus initiatives where possible and execute MOUs and agreements where required. TMT Group continues to support Centers of Excellence for research proposal evaluation and networking with DoD program managers and officers.